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Tel: 01534 743990

Rob Hart, SkyDemon, where tech joins the sky! Saturday 15 June 18:30

Rob Hart, SkyDemon, where tech joins the sky! The much awaited and rescheduled event from last December. Join Rob Hart, SkyDemons Marketing & Development Coordinator for an evening of your favourite software jargon. Find out all the top tips and tricks for using the aviators preferred choice of app, the SkyDemon, an essential demo not […]

Transatlantic flying in an SEP Talk – Thu 20July 2023 19:00

Nigel Webb will be giving a talk and a A&A on the details of the complex planning and preparation and the flying transatlantic crossings in a light aircraft via the northern route. Nigel is now based in Guernsey and is experienced in many crossing.

“That’s Air Show Business” Talk 14 June 2023 19:30

14th June – 7.30 Phil Holt from High Flying Talks That’s Air Show Business!  Phil has been involved in this business from the “ops” side for 35 years and there is much more to it than you’d realise. The “punters” will not know that planning had started well over a year before and involve some […]

G-WINS Ditching Talk 21 March 2023

On 21 March 2023, Paul Clifford and Duncan Laisney will be providing a talk on the successful ditching of G-WINS on 3 November 2022. Members of ATC, Coastguard, and RNLI will also be in attendance. Due to the expected popularity of this event, we will need to restrict this to members and guests (please limit […]