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Tel: 01534 743990

Airside Access Request for Existing Members

Due to increased security requirements, from October 2022 the Airside Access Door within the clubroom will be controlled using Ports of Jersey Access Identification Cards (AICs). Jersey Aero Club will sponsor club members with a valid reason for airside access for their AIC application. Existing club membership cards will still be needed to access the club and flying room out of hours with the AIC being used to exit through the airside door.

Please note that only locally based Jersey Aero Club members with a valid reason for airside access will be sponsored for an AIC card.

Existing club photo ID cards that were issues in the last couple of years will work, but to meet airport security requirements, only those members with a valid reason to go airside can get a Ports of Jersey AIC for airside access and have their passes enabled for out of hours access to the flying room.

Please see the charges in the form below that you need to agree to as part of the application.

As part of accepting the terms and conditions of being approved for airside access by the club you are confirming you will follow the airside access safety requirements that Ports of Jersey have adopted – see Airside Safety Requirements

Replacement white Jersey Aero Club membership cards can be provided for £30

A lost AIC pass can be replaced for £25

The process for members to follow for the issue of a POJL AIC sponsored by JAC can be seen at

Please email with any queries

Enter the type of current membership you hold. Note that for 2021, Full Membership was renamed to Ordinary Membership.
You must be a current active member living in Jersey to get airside access.
AIC cards will only be sponsored by the club for locally based members. Please confirm your location is Jersey if you are a locally based Jersey Aero Club member.
White credit card sized membership cards with photos on were provided to members a couple of years ago and these will be used for cards. Not all members received one of these so we need to understand your card requirement
Please let us know the reason you need airside access
If you are the partner of a pilot who is an aircraft owner or part of group who is not a pilot but accompany them and may need access to the aircraft on your own please select the (Crew) option.
If you have an existing POJL AIC issued by another sponsor you may be able to use this for airside access at the club.
Note this is not available to POJL, JCIS, or GOJ staff issued with one for the purposes of their employment.
Please provide a description of why you need an airside access pass
Initial Issue / Renewal
There is a charge from JAC of £80 to cover Ports of Jersey AIC issue, accreditation check, and GSAT processing invoiced on application
The member must also pay for their own Criminal Record Check from Disclosure Scotland (or other accredited body)
The pass must be renewed every 5 years

Parked / Lost cards
The AIC must be used every 60 days.
In the event a pass is not used or validated then the AIC will be ‘parked’ and cannot be used until it is ‘un-parked’.
This needs to be requested from JAC who will organise an appointment with the Ports of Jersey Security team to re-activate the AIC.
There is a £25 charge for this.
Holder must have a valid reason for having airside access enabled on membership card
Holder is responsible for safeguarding their card and only using it when having a valid requirement to go airside
Holder must immediately advise JAC of lost card
Holder must present pass for inspection to JAC committee or staff, PoJ Security Staff, Police Officers, Customs Officers or Immigration Officers
Holder responsible for escorting anybody passing airside with them
Holder is responsible for ensuring any requirements including, but not limited to, such as Flight Plans, GARs, other approvals, are met
Holder responsible for ensuring JAC Airside Safety Requirements are complied with
Misuse or security breach could result in the withdrawal of airside access

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