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Tel: 01534 743990


Tel: 01534 743990

Hangar Tenants

This page has some useful information on it for JAC members who are also hangar tenants (or would like to become hangar tenants)

Should you wish to go onto the waiting list to get a place in the hangar, please contact

Hangar Movement Guidance for Hangar Tenants

As of 1 October 2023 there has been a change in the way aircraft are booked in and out, so please see the information below

Note that the booking in and out URL has changed and that aircraft need to be booked in using this system as opposed to using a sheet in the windscreen to say whether aircraft is to be moved in or out

Booking Movement Service Website and Contact Details

  • Aircraft Movement Request Booking Website: Click Here (note this is a new URL)
  • Telephone Number: +44 1534 742373

Service Information (Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30 excluding Bank Holidays)

  • There will be two movements per day – morning and afternoon – and this will be during the normal operating hours – Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:30 local time
  • All movements Out or In must be booked through the booking system
    • Note the change where you need to book your aircraft In as well as Out – this does mean you will need to make two bookings if flying circuits and you want your aircraft moved out and then put back at the end of the day
    • Members can still move their own aircraft our or in
  • Bookings must be submitted by 17:00 the day before the movement date
    • You can telephone for aircraft out at the end of the day by noon on that day, or other short notice ad-hoc requests. 
    • Short notice movements requested by telephone calls will be on a ‘best endeavours’ basis subject to CIASL workload
  • Owner supplied chocks will be used if provided
  • Aircraft brakes should be left off to allow movement and will not be applied by CIASL
  • Please note when returning an aircraft to the apron that the aircraft should be pushed back onto the pads and never parked nose-in.  This is to ensure that aircraft can be safely moved and minimise any potential for accidents.

Bank Holiday Movements

Bank Holiday Movements are available, if required, subject to the following:

  • There is a charge of £100
  • The request must be made via the club as opposed to directly with CIASL
  • The request must be submitted to CIASL by the club by 12:00 on the last working day before the bank holiday
  • Please email with plenty of notice if this is required

Fees and payments for hangarage services

The fees are based on the size of your aircraft and this will be listed in your agreement.

Payments for hangarage are taken exclusively by direct debit, and your hangarage application / agreement is not confirmed until the direct debit form has been completed.

Please click on the following link to setup your new direct debit mandate online:

You can also download the form to print and return if you prefer. If you require two signatories on your account, you will need to complete the paper form and return it to the Club.

Further Information

For further information please contact

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