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Tel: 01534 743990

Tel: 01534 743990

Airside Safety Requirements

Visiting GA plots of light aircraft under 3 tonnes are handled by the Jersey Aero Club in a joint venture with our flight training partner Synergy Aviation.

  • Whilst airside, each aircraft commander is responsible for the safety of his/her passengers and other crew members ensuring awareness of safety risks
  • Passengers are at all times to be escorted by the aircraft commander or other person who is known to be competent to ensure both his/her safety and the passengers safety
  • The wearing of high visibility clothing, as a minimum by the commander, is mandatory
  • The aircraft commander is responsible for reporting any incidents / occurrences or near misses that have occured, or they have witnessed, to the Aeroclub information desk or the Aerodrome Safety Manager
  • The aircraft commender is to ensure any FOD (foreign object debris / litter) identified is removed and placed in the FOD bin
  • Aircraft commanders and owners of aircraft are to ensure that parked aircraft are not leaking any fuel or liquid onto the grass parking area or the hard standing areas and are responsible for notifying the Aeroclub information desk or the Aerodrome Safety Manager if a spill has occurred.
  • The Aerodrome Safety manager email address
  • Any reports can be made be email to the above address or using the Jersey Airport Safety reporting form

The information on this page should be read in conjunction with airport regulations published on in the AIP on:

Further information may be found in the Jersey Aerodrome Manual that can be found on this link:

Jersey Aero Club members may have their membership card updated to provide airside access by using the Airside Access Request Form:

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