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Tel: 01534 743990

Tel: 01534 743990

Flight Training

Learning to Fly

Flight training at Jersey Aero Club is carried out by our flight training partner, Synergy Aviation.

Flight training is carried out in Piper Archer aircraft.

Synergy are able to provide a range of training options to suit both aspiring pilots who wish to gain their licence for personal flying or as a starting point for a future career. They also offer training for current licence holders who wish to add further ratings, undertake a licence conversion or simply polish existing skills.  Their instructors and examiners are able to offer private owners and group members one to one instruction using their own aircraft.

Private Pilot’s Licence (UK CAA PPL) 

The UK CAA Private Pilot’s Licence is the most popular and flexible private licence.  It allows the holder to fly a greater range of aircraft and to add additional ratings and qualifications to allow flight at night or in more limiting weather conditions.

Night Qualification

The experience of flying at night is truly unique and should be tried by all pilots at least once.  The Night Qualification allows the holder to act as pilot in command of an aircraft at night and provides an additional margin of safety as evening approaches at the end of a days flying.

UK Instrument Metrological Conditions Rating (IMC) / IR (Restricted)

The Instrument Metrological Conditions Rating (IMC) / IR (Restricted) (IR/R) rating allows the holder to fly within more limiting weather and can potentially provide an additional margin of safety should conditions deteriorate during flight.  The IMC rating provides a time and cost effective alternative to the full Instrument Rating (IR).  The IMC is a UK only rating and can be endorsed on a UK issued licence and used within UK airspace.

Licence Conversion

Synergy are able to offer training and testing to allow conversion to a UK license.  The requirements for conversion can very and they will be happy to carry out the appropriate research to confirm specific requirements.  Please feel free to call, send them an email, or simply drop by.


  • Hourly Rates (PA28) – £200ph (plus instructor)
  • 30 min trial – £129
  • 45 min trial – £179
  • 1 hour trial – £225
  • Instruction
  •    PPL  – £35ph
  •    Instrument and Complex – £50ph
  •    Own Aircraft – £50ph
  • Written exams – £35

Charges for aircraft are block time (including fuel), and instructors are charged separately at £35/hr for the time they spend with you – for example for a 15min brief followed by a 1 hour flight the charge would be £43.75 (1.25hrs). For the moment, as we continue discussions with Ports of Jersey the landing fee is also included.

Please note that you need to have a Jersey Aero Club Flying membership or Young Persons membership to fly with Synergy.

For more information on Flying membership please contact, or if you are a flying member and have any flying queries please contact

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