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Tel: 01534 743990


Tel: 01534 743990

Application for Membership

Jersey Aero Club welcomes new and returning members.

Jersey Aero Club is using Membermojo to manage and administer all membership related processes online, and members now have the ability to manage their personal data themselves by editing their profile as required – see for more information.

If you are a current member you should renew your membership here.

Memberships renew annually on 1 February – new members who join in the last 6 months of the year will receive 50% discount on the membership for the remainder of the year until renewal. Additionally, if you join in January your membership will run to the February of the following year.

New member applications are reviewed by the committee before your membership is confirmed. This normally should not take very long, and you will be provided automated email updates on the process and you will be prompted to pay your subscription when the membership has been approved by the committee.

You must have the names of two existing members to act as proposer and seconder, so please complete them here. If you’re new to the club and don’t know any current members, please send a note to and we’ll look to help you with some introductions.

Applicants are advised that all information collected by the Jersey Aero Club is held in accordance with relevant Jersey Data Protection Laws and will be used for processing and maintaining applicants’ membership. Information contained within the Jersey Aero Club database will only be divulged to another party in the event that a) you ask us to, b) we need to do so for processing and administering membership or managing the club’s affairs, or c) where we are placed under a legal or regulatory obligation to do so.

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