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Tel: 01534 743990

Behind the Headset, a life on (or above) the ocean waves – Fri 6 Oct 2023 19:00

Find out what it’s like being an Ops Supervisor at Prestwick Centre.. and how ATC is controlled above the Atlantic..

Gav Dixon is a recently retired Prestwick Centre Ops Supervisor with 33 years’ ATC experience, used to making tactical operational decisions on behalf of NATS, helping to keep our skies over the Northern UK and North Atlantic safe (and expeditious) for both general public and airspace users alike

Originally Specialising in Oceanic Air Traffic Control, Gav has used that expertise countless times helping educate the aviation community as to the mysteries of the Shanwick operation, even to the extent that he produced a film about it promoting safety across the North Atlantic.

By focusing on making sure both the Prestwick Centre Domestic and Oceanic operations performed at the highest level, Gav used all of his Oceanic knowledge gained from years spent as Shanwick Air Traffic Controller, Group Supervisor, ICAO advisor and as the Oceanic ATC Service Manager (of 5+ years) along with over 20 years of tactical Domestic and Oceanic ATC Ops management experience to good use, always working hard so that safety and customer satisfaction remained at its peak.

A chance to hear firsthand from the crew of the Channel Islands Air Search. A presentation and opportunity to have a look around the aircraft which will be parked outside the Aero Club.

The aircraft remains operational during the day so may get called away if events dictate.

Members with airside passes will be required to bring them on the day to go airside. Members without airside passes who wish to go airside will need bring a driving license or passport and be escorted by a member with airside access.

Over the years, his personal strengths as a cool head, experienced Ops manager of a large team, and knowledge of Oceanic operations have garnered recognition internationally, at forums such as the NAMEUR, within ICAO NAT groups, and not least amongst a multitude of Airline operations, providing him with enviable opportunities to travel globally representing and promoting Shanwick ATC operations 

When not running an Ops Room, or talking about Oceanic ATC, Gav was often found climbing the Scottish Munro’s, Cumbrian Wainwrights, or Skiing the Alps or Rockies. Recent retirement has given Gav more of an opportunity spending time in pursuit of these hobbies, and further travel too, but this time on family holidays rather than to talk about Shanwick!

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