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Tel: 01534 743990


Tel: 01534 743990

Membership Renewal

The membership year runs to 31 January each year and require renewing annually and can be renewed up to two months in advance (ie you can renew in advance from December).

15/12/2020 – Only current members can renew following migration to new system. If your membership expired in 2020 or before you need to re-join as a new member here.


Please note that unfortunately we are no longer able to process Direct Debits so if you previously paid by Direct Debit you will now need to pay by Paypal or Credit Card online, or by a bank transfer. You will be prompted for your payment options when you renew.


In December 2020 we migrated our membership data from the old legacy system to a new dedicated membership software system to manage and administer all membership related processes.


All members now have the ability to manage their personal data themselves by editing their profile as required, and it will be the responsibility of the member to keep their information up to date.


This provides an ideal opportunity during the 2021 renewal process for members to review the existing old data that we hold and ensure it is correct and up to date.


You can renew and manage your own data just using your email address – you do not need a password.  If you select to log in by email the system will send you a link to allow you to log in.  However, you do have the option to set a password should you want.


Please note that at the 2020 AGM it was agreed to rename “Full Membership” to “Ordinary Member ship” to remove confusion with the new “Flying Membership” that will be coming in 2021 to provide all the benefits of the Ordinary (previously Full) membership with the additional benefits provided by the new Flight Training organisation including aircraft rental.


A PDF guide to help with the 2021 renewal can be downloaded from here


To login and renew your membership click here (you don’t need your password and can just use your email)

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