Jersey Aero Club

Tel: 01534 743990

Tel: 01534 743990

An evening with Jersey Met – Wed 14 July at 7pm

Members are invited to join us at the club for a talk by Jersey Met.

This is an opportunity to get an update on the services they provide before looking at the Channel Islands Aviation Forecast in detail and exploring the following areas of meteorology:

  • The earth’s atmospheric circulations and how these create air masses and fronts which are shown on the Aviation Forecast chart.
  • How these different air masses drive the local weather.
  • Aviation hazards such as aircraft icing, turbulence and thunderstorms.
  • The types of fog that affect the Channel Islands and why this happens in certain conditions.
  • A look at the TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) that we produce.
  • A preview of our new website and any preferences pilots might have in the future to help with GA activity

There will be something interesting for everyone!

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